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DIY Sparkling Metallic Wedding Initials

The next few days are part of a wedding themed weekend at Lines Across. Today I'll be sharing the tutorial for this project I made with the David Tutera Bridal Collection. Tomorrow, I'll be sharing some DIY wedding ideas and inspiration. Then on Saturday, I'll share some pictures with you from my wedding and include a linky where you all can share posts you've done talking about your weddings. Who doesn't love looking through other people's wedding photos?

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I was very excited to get the opportunity to try out some of the products from the David Tutera DIY Bridal Collection. My good friend Kristin (who I sadly rarely get to see) is getting married this summer, and I wanted to make some initials for her wedding. Right now, she is planning on displaying these letters at the soft serve frozen yogurt table (genius!). 

How to Make Glittery Silver Initials

What you need:
1. Paper mache letters
2. Acrylic paint (white and silver)
3. Paint brush
4. Self-Stick Shimmer Sheet Rhinestones (From the David Tutera Bridal Collection)
5. Decoupage or glue
6. Very fine silver glitter

What you do:

1. Paint the letters with white acrylic paint. Use a very thin layer of paint and brush in different directions to create texture.

2. Once the white has dried, paint a thin coat of silver paint (I used Martha Stewart "Sterling Silver"). Keep adding thin coats of paint until you are happy with the look. 

3. Apply a thick and even layer of decoupage around the edges of your letters. You have to do this step in sections.

4. Pour lots of glitter over the wet edges. Make sure that each side has fully dried before turning over the letters to do the other side.

5. Cut the self-stick shimmer sheet rhinestones into rows. The rhinestones and shimmery border peel away from the backing, and are applied like a sticker.

6. Start at one corner and stick the rows of rhinestones along the borders of your letters. I found that they stuck very well, even to the painted surface. It was also easy for the rows to turn and bend naturally around the curved parts of the letter D.

7. To keep the glitter from shedding, dab thin layer of watered down decoupage over all glittery areas. Make sure that this coat is very thin and even.

How to Make the Silver Heart

Now that you have your letters, you can use them by themselves, or connect them together with a heart. I painted the wooden heart (I found it at Michael's) in the same way as the letters. I then added decoupage and glitter to the inner heart, along with a thin top coat of watered down decoupage. I then added a row of Self-Stick Teardrop Rhinestones from the David Tutera Bridal Collection around the outside of the heart. They were very easy to use and feel very secure. 

How to Attach the Letters and Heart

I was planning on using a hot glue gun to attach the three pieces together. However, I found that it did not stick well at all to either the cardboard or the glitter, and since I am going to be packing this up and mailing it for my friend to use at her wedding, I wanted to make sure it was very secure, and that nothing would fall off on the big day.

1. Use a straight surface (like a level or ruler) to line up your letters and heart just as you want them. Add a dab of hot glue in between the edges of the heart and the letters. This will not hold well, but should keep everything in place.

2. Flip your letters and heart upside down, and line them up with the straight edge again. Put something (like a book) under the heart so that the back is even with the backs of the letters.

3. I used screws and a thin piece of wood to attach the letters. You could also use glue, or even mount the letters to a base. I would not recommend using nails, because the hammering would put too much pressure on the cardboard letters. 

4. Paint over the back with a few thin coats of silver paint.

These letters would look great displayed next to pictures of the bride and groom. I love these geometric table number stands from the David Tutera Collection that also make great picture holders.

I'm not always a huge fan of glitter, sparkles, and bling, but I love the right kind of tasteful shimmer, especially at a wedding. These letters do have a LOT of bling :)

These joined initials also make a beautiful wedding keepsake that you can display somewhere in your house to remember the big day. I think this would also make an amazing wedding photo prop. The bride and groom could hold the the side with their letter.

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  1. I absolutely adore this! I'm already married but I want this for my home! So creative and blingy!!

  2. Beautiful and bling-a-icious! Great job.

  3. This would be perfect for the wedding cake table. Awesome tutorial. Thanks!

  4. These turned out fabulously! Love the bling bling action.

  5. So stunning and versatile too, could definitely be used for household decor too!

  6. Rachel, the initials are beautiful! I like the glitter on the edges. :)



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