Thursday, April 11, 2013

Geometric Flower Pots and Oriental Lilies

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Oriental Lily

What are your favorite flowers? I absolutely LOVE lilies. In fact, the entire theme of our wedding was built around gorgeous stargazer lilies. There is something so modern and dramatic about lilies that I just love. We had fondant lilies floating down our wedding cake, and included them in our centerpieces.

Lily Wedding Cake and Centerpiece @linesacross

I especially love potted plants and flowers, because they can last for years and years, instead of just for a few days like cut flowers. Lilies make great gifts for all occasions, from Mother's Day to birthdays to anniversaries. They are available at your local grocery store, garden center, or florist, and make a big impact.
I found these BEAUTIFUL potted Oriental Lilies at Home Depot for just under $7, and I had to take one home with me. They look and smell incredible. They are perfect for my front porch, because they need 6 hours of sunlight a day, and I live in sunny Florida. They make me happy every time I step out of the front door.

Oriental Lily Home Depot

A fun and quick way to turn these into a more personal gift, is to makeover a flower pot. I made these geometric spray painted flower pots to create a beautiful, handmade, long-lasting floral gift that costs about $10 total.

Oriental Lily Gift

What you need: Oriental Lily, plastic flower pot, spray paint, tape

Spray Painted Geometric Flower Pots

What you do:
1. Wipe down your flower pot of dust and dirt. Tape off geometric patterns around the pot with painters tape or washi tape. Make sure the paint is pressed down fully and evenly. My favorite pattern was the Chevron one seen in the turquoise pot.

2. Put your flower pot face down onto newspapers outside. Spray two coats evenly around the pot. Make sure that the spray paint you're using is intended for plastic surfaces.

3. Flip the pot over, and spray paint the top and the inside.

4. Let it fully dry, then remove the tape carefully. To protect the pot and pattern, spray a sealant or top coat of paint over the finished pot.

DIY Geometric Flower Pots

The vibrant colors of these lilies are so beautiful that I had to create an Oriental Lily color pallet.

Oriental Lily Tropical Color Pallet

Visit this Pinterest page for more lily ideas, arrangements, and inspiration.

What's awesome is that iBulb is giving away a $25 gift certificate so that you can enjoy some lilies in your home. Enter by leaving a comment below telling me what kind of craft project you would make with your lilies if you won.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! The chic modern patterns are such a perfect compliment to the lilies. And I love that they're potted -- long lasting flowers are the best kind!

  2. I love lilies too and just love how creative these pots turned out. Super cute!

  3. I would make a door wreath. Thanks!

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  4. What a gorgeous wedding cake!

  5. I would make a version of your flower pots! Love them!!

  6. Ahh so pretty! I'd make a display for my mantel, or a centerpiece (i'm digging the lily in the glass dish!)

  7. Wow, Rachel! I loved seeing those snapshots from your wedding; simply beautiful. And the lilies you picked up at Home Depot looks super chic in those upcycled pots! I also love the chevron pattern. Gotta love how much transformation can come from a little painter's tape and spray paint!

  8. Such a great idea. You're a very creative person. I'll have to try to make my own pots. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I would probably make a cute pot too :) Thanks for sharing -- and for the giveaway!!

  10. These pots are SO fun! I am totally making some for Mother's Day gifts!

  11. So cute!! I love the geometric patterns!

    If I won, I'd probably make some sort of pot as well :)

  12. What a fantastic idea Rachel! Love the patterns...great tutorial!

  13. Those flower pots are so cool...I love the patterns too!



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