Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Froot Loops Caterpillars #goodnightsnack #cbias

Ever since the cute little bundle of joy (known as the Pumpkin) arrived in March, it's been harder to find time to spend with Benjamin and Lyla. Even though I'm with them all of the time, I usually have baby Oliver in my arms and I can be distracted. It's important to me to make and spend quality time with just the two of them where I am completely focused on them, so we can play games together, read books, or do crafts. Lately, the new special time we've found is in the evenings. After Oliver is asleep in his crib, the kids and I spend time together before their bedtime. By the time I've gotten Oliver to sleep, the kids have already gotten their snack bowls for our good night snack. One of our favorite activities is the snack and craft - where we snack on Froot Loops while we make something fun with them, like these colorful caterpillars. #CollectiveBias

Benjamin especially is obsessed with Froot Loops, and while I think they are a little too sugary for him to eat all the time, they make a great late night snack and a better alternative to candy or desserts. Of course I will grab a bowl of cereal and join them (since cereal is also a healthier alternative to other desserts for a mom trying to loose baby weight). Did you know that Kellogg's® has started making 2 new cereals: a delicious Jif™ Peanut Butter Cereal (YUM!) and a Rice Krispies Multigrain Shapes cereal with lightly sweetened graham flavored cereal in fun shapes?

Of course Bejamin was pretty excited to pick out (and show off) his box. Lyla is mostly excited about the crafts we are going to do together. She even picked out some colorful buttons while we were at Walmart, along with all of the other supplies we needed for our little caterpillars: Popsicle sticks, glue, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners.

Gather your supplies and get to work. Benjamin and Lyla are learning to use the glue all by themselves without making giant glue puddles everywhere. Each kid got their own bowl of fruit loops for snacking, and a separate little cup for crafting. Just make sure your kids don't end out eating Froot Loops covered in glue!

What you do:

1. Start with a Popsicle stick, some glue, and some Froot Loops. We used wide Popsickle sticks that were slightly bigger than the cereal.

2. Put glue all over your Popsicle stick, and add your Froot Loops one at a time. I made one with the kids and I glued mine in the order of the rainbow. This is a fun activity for creating colors and patterns. Maybe make an all red caterpillar, or one that is blue-yellow-blue-yellow. Talk about the different colors and what kinds of patterns you can create.

3. Add some glue to the backs of your googly eyes and attach them to the first Froot Loop.

4. Add some pipe cleaner antennae. Lyla and I glued ours inside of the first Froot Loop, but Benjamin wanted to glue his behind the first one.

5. Let them dry while you enjoy your goodnight snack. Maybe read The Very Hungry Caterpillar before bed.

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  1. The caterpillars are just adorable. What a great project for little hands. #client



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